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The Platinum Mirror TV brings something brand new to your bedroom. It has HD picture quality, LED lighting, luxury mirror frames, and wonderful stereo sounds. You can get crystal clear TV viewing experience while using your mirror. This fully equipped Mirror TV magically transforms your mirror into a multimedia player in just one click of the remote.



A simple mirror in the bathroom has no life. Platinum gives life to your mirror by adding a LCD TV.
It’s the ideal product that you have been dreaming of for your bathroom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Platinum Mirror TV equipped with all your favorite programs in your bathroom just to make it even more enjoyable?



Whether you are the connoisseur of fine foods or the chef, your dream for the perfect kitchen can be met with Platinum Mirror TV. Its delicate and uniquely embedded design allows for the TV to fit in any one of your kitchen cabinets without disrupting the style of your space. We can also cooperate with your cabinet designers, and provide the best solution base on your ideas.


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