Unexpected fun in your kitchen
Brand new design, Multi-functional, Smart TV features, with all these, Platinum Kitchen TV inspires a fashion revolution for all the modern kitchens. It has European-style design, anti cooking fumes, touch control buttons, flip down and 180-degree rotational screen, which makes it viewable from any places in the kitchen. It has the latest Android 4.0 OS, digital TV, VOD and plenty of Apps, which provides you unexpected program and service. It also has simple and easy UI, convenient Touch control, USB and DLNA connection, which makes it share and networks with other multimedia resources.



Ultimate Cooking class
Platinum Kitchen TV has plenty of cooking APK and cooking class videos on the internet. You can watch all kinds of cooking programs and cooking class, and learn them step by step in your kitchen. From now on, you can get rid of your heavy cookbook, and no need to watch your cooking class in the living room.



 Main Features

CPU: Dual Cortex A9
OS: Android 4.0
UI: Platina Vision 1.1


Modern design

With European-style modern kitchen electric design, Platinum Kitchen TV fits your kitchen perfectly.








180-degree Rotational screen

Platinum Kitchen TV has flip down design and 180-degree rotational screen, which makes it viewable from any places in the kitchen.








Operating system

Base on the latest Android 4.0 OS, Platinum deep develops its unique TV operating system, which will make the Apps continuous compatible and upgradeable online.








User Interfaces

Platinum deep develops the User Interfaces, Platina Vision 1.1, for the Kitchen TV, which is simple, easy and quick response.










Platinum Kitchen TV has stable and fast network connections. It has built-in WiFi and external RJ45 input, and it also supports DLAN.












Remote control

Platinum Kitchen TV has brand new design and smart remote control, 2.4G RF, Six-Axis motion sensing, one-key Voice search, and wireless Voice control.









Programs and Apps

Platinum Kitchen TV has digital TV programs, VOD, online programs, online community, plenty of Apps. It also can connect and share with all other multimedia resources.






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