Outstanding performance 

Platinum Waterproof TV is designed to adapt to damp environments, such as the bathroom, kitchen, sauna, or pool area. The Platinum Waterproof TV series has been widely used in luxury hotels, high-end residences and commercial spaces.

Platinum Waterproof TV has been designed according to international waterproof and dustproof standard IP66, as well as CE, FCC, CCC standards. Combined with LG and Samsung high performance LED panel, with anti-glare and fog-free features, Platinum Waterproof TV provides you with flawless TV viewing. With a waterproof remote control and detachable ceiling stereo speakers, Platinum Waterproof TV gives you a wonderful grand theater experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.







Unique Mirror Technology

Platinum Waterproof TV uses museum quality ultra clear glasses. It fits your space perfectly with our unique Mirror Technology. The standard colors include Pearl White, Crystal Black, Silver Mirror, and Champagne Gold. 







Easy Installation 

Platinum Waterproof TV has very easy installation methods, no need any professionals. There will be an installation instruction along with the TV, you just need follow the steps, you can make it easily, and then enjoy the home theater experience in your bathroom. 











Workable with Hotel/home automation systems

Platinum Waterproof TV is workable with Hotel/home automation systems. It supports Interaction Control, such as remote control, video call, background operation, and etc. 







Ultra slim Waterproof remote control 

No need to worry about a fogged screen, corrosion by humidity and the malfunction of your remote control with this TV. This leading TV accounts for all of these annoyances in its design and function! 





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