Platinum provides excellent customization services. Whether you are a designer, hotel owner, furniture manufacturer, builder, or individual customer, Platinum strives to satisfy your every need. Relying on our technological advantages and rich experience in mirror processing and super slim Waterproof LCD TV, we can better address all your needs, provide the professional advices and suggestions, and deliver the best product solution from design to functionality.


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The Platinum TV sizes are available from 10inch up to 82inch .We can satisfy all your needs for every project and design .At the same time,the Mirror glass can be custom made to any sizes for the Platinum Mirror TV series.




The most advanced and eco-friendly LED panel are used in the Platlnum series TVs. We can improve the brightness of the LED backlight up to 1500nits for outdoors and other particular surroundings,with our patented LED backlight technology.



There are a lot of unique and advanced functions in the Platinum series LCD TV. Such as,IPTV,VOD,TV and PC all in one,Hotel menu,Wireless Full HD A/V transmitter, Smart control, and Auto lnductIon.



The humanized control system has been designed for the Platinum series LCD TV .Except the regular IR remote,there are also controI panel,smart control,and induction control available.




The installation of the PlatInum series LCD TV is very easy and convenient. It is safe,reliable and elegant by our unique Wall mount and Recessed mount installation methods. The installation won’t break the originaI decoration , and it is suitable for alI different surroundings.


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