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Since its inception, Platinum has been dedicated to creating TV technology to enhance your quality of life .Unlike traditional electronic companies, Platinum customizes its Mirror TV, Waterproof TV, Outdoor TV and Kitchen TV for domestic and overseas customers with a creative spirit to add more flair and originality to modern life.

You can find the unique charm of Platinum’s products everywhere in the world,in top luxury hotels in the UK,France.US,Dubai and Hong Kong.







Dedication,Collaboration,Environment Protection,

Social Responsibility,Sustainabity.



Create the most value for Platinum’s clients, employees and shareholders and establish Platinum as a highly respected internationaI enterprise.






Platinum,one of the world’s leading smart Audio Video solution providers,customize,high quality MirrorTV,Waterproof TV,OutdoorTV and Kitchen TV for domestic and overseas customers.

As a leading expert in audio and visual technology, Platinum puts exceptional detail into each and every one of its products from its research and design to mass production. With strong reseach and development capability where technology meets high fashion,  Platinum’s products are developed with the most advanced technologies in Mirror Technology, Waterproof Technology, Ultra Brightness and Wide Working. Temperature Technology. Making high quality products is of utmost priority to Platinum. Platinum purchases its raw materials from the top producers in the world and conducts quality control on each and every material before storing it in the warehouse Not a single screw goes unchecked in this tightly regulated process. In the Mirror TV industry. Platinum is one of the first few companies that passed the international standards of CE, FCC, UL, CCC, IP65&IP66.

We want to enhance our customer’s quality of life through our high end products while also seeking the most environmentally friendly methods to develop our products .Platinum is one of the pioneers and advocates of green power technology.












Product Development&Innovation

With more than twenty international patents and products showcased in cities all around the world,Platinum is a demonstrated pioneer in Mirror Technology. For the past decade, Platinum has been dedicated to improving audio and video technology and making this technology more accessible to its customers. This product development and innovation cycle wilI continue to be improved in the future.





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